Aarcity Sky Villas 

High Rise Duplex Apartments

Aarcity has considered the best option when it comes to investing in properties all over India. We have an extensive network Aarcity through out the country, therefore, we help people find the best home if you want to buy residential or commercial property. Book your dream home and villas  in Greater Noida (west) from a reputable builder Aarcity who has shown his presence in the era of real estate many years and projects are delivered masterpiece and fortunately known landmark.

Aarcity Forest Sky Villas

Aarcity foreste Sky Villas Duplex Apartments

Aarcity Foreste

Loaded vertically adjacent floors with stairs to the floor below will guide you through the high level of the quiet life.

Concept design of low density with pleasant views of palm trees, in the midst of classified each way and place where calm and serene, is a space that you and someone in nature and  swallowing forests.

Luxurious villas in Greater Noida offering larger than hope that will be enough for you and your loved accompany a time in a single apartment with very large balconies,as virtual bridge will provide enough space to enjoy nature.

Dupelx in Greater Noida West

Luxurious villas in Greater Noida West  Villas located 130m wide highway Noida-Greater Noida is based on modern architecture and is where the morning dew welcomes you,  fresh air keeps you cool and beautiful scenery welcomes you. It was constructed so that  everyne has and maximum air sunlight. Renowned designs Contractor who is known for his marvelous creations and strong presence in the construction industry designing these buildings.  These construct containing each villa with private garden. It is 2 km from the station Bodaki-  GNoida.

Affordable villas in Sports City Greater Noida West

The Basic Sale Price of Aarcity sky villas Rs.2650/ Sq. Ft.